Rock Climbing

If you are looking for an great and challenging adventure then you can experience our. Rock Climbing trips and climb on the spectacular Ton Sai Tower from 12-28 meters high.Our instructors are highly trained and with many years of experience of rock climbing in an safe way.


.20643925_2015386508690755_822806658_nTry Climbing
No experience? If you’re not 100 % sure that you can climb or that 4 hrs is too long for you then Try climbing is an perfect opportunity to climb for 2 hrs to learn the basics and the feeling of rock climbing.
– Try climbing   2 hrs. (09.30-11.30 / 13.30-15.30)  800 THB
Includes: Water, Gear, Guidance BookNow orange_2

Half day/ Full day climbing ( Top rope)
What does top rope mean? In top rope climbing the rope has already been set up by the guide, from the top. The guide will thigh one side of the rope to your harness before you climb, the other side will be secured by the guide. The guide will guide you the way to climb up to the top. You will learn the basic skills of rock climbing.
– Half day   (09.30-12.30 / 13.30-17.30) 1,000 THB  includes:fruit,water,gear.BookNow orange_2
                                                   – Full day    (09.30 – 17.30) 2,000 THB includes: fruit,water,gear,food.



For more experienced climbers

20668518_10154169030812609_2117596329_nLead Climbing
This course will train your leading skills and confidence. Learn how to account for the additional risks in      lead climbing and how to set a strategy for leading a clim.

BookNow orange_21 Day Lead Climbing Course     8 hrs. (09.30-17.30)  2,500 THB
Includes: Water, Food with break, Fruit, Gea

3 day C12049626_1067521466599505_1361319257545564781_nlimbing Course
If you’re interested in sport climbing, this course will show you the basics and the difficulties in rock climbing, learn the different sections and elements etc lead climbing, lead belaying, top rope belaying and how to use all the gear for rock climbing, like a true rock climber!
3 day Climbing Course    (09.30-17.30)     5500 THB
Includes: Water, Fruit, Food with break, Gear.BookNow orange_2